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Since the 1990’s I have been creating and selling my designs at underground parties, festivals, Doof’s and protests. The six designs so far represented in this shop are inspired by community and activism in Australia and have been designed to add to the positive waveform of energy towards a brighter future.

 A wide range of colours and styles are available as well as a range of patches to fix your old clothing and keep them out of the waste stream.

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The Designs

The philosophy behind the designs on this shop...



Solidarity design

This design is based on the ancient yin yang symbol, it is about the coming together of a harmonious and sustainable multicultural society. The design is inspired by particularly by indigenous and non-indigenous people working together to co-create an equal opportunity postcolonial future. An early version of this design I created around 1999 at a time where the Aboriginal Tent Embassy set up in Victoria park in Sydney to draw attention to injustices against indigenous Australia as the international media spotlight moved towards the city preparing for the 2000 Olympic games. 

In Australia a post colonial movement has emerged in many ways. Projects like Earthdream, Aboriginal Tent Embassy occupations, anti mining protests, anti logging actions and more have given energy towards a post colonial grassroots movement where the respect of indigenous knowledge and sovereignty is paramount.

The culture of Welcome to Country acknowledgment at public events in Australia shows there is a great potential to co-create a post colonial future.  The post colonial movement where knowledge and respect is focused back to indigenous elders is a global occurrence in colonised countries like Canada and the U.S.A. The protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in the U.S.A saw the Standing Rock tribe enlist the support of indigenous and non indigenous people across the country to oppose a pipeline that threatened their ecosystem and water supplies.

 The yin yang hands at the centre of the mandala could represent different races, sexualities, approaches to initiating positive change and generally the diversity being celebrated in progressive societies. The band of waves outside the yin yang hand section represents the energy that a diverse harmonious society emanates into the future setting a precedent of justice and equality. The outer circle recognises the legacy and gains we all enjoy today of multicultural working class struggle against the ruling 1% elite who thrive on division and inequality.

A post-industrial circular and sustainable/shared economy is possible where co-operation becomes more important than competition. Everything is recycled and damage to the creative commons of the earth’s bioregions reduced to zero. The problem with the current form of capitalist organisation is that it creates too much destruction and inequality for it to continue to exist and grow.

There needs to be a mass disruptive phase shift from the ways things are organised at the moment, an evolution of society into a conscious network decentralised democracy, a kind of group coherent non hierarchical geometry model of co-organisation.




 Equalise design

This design looks at the powerful balance that can be achieved when we tune our technologies to the earth’s ecologies. The sun can provide all our energy needs. We don’t need to destroy and endlessly dig up the planet to make a quick profit now for the few to enjoy.

 Fossil fool corporations who in full knowledge of the destruction their energy capture systems cause have pushed ahead to continue to use coal and oil. Whilst doing this they have sponsored phony science to discredit the science of climate change in order that they can continue to make a killing and destroy the future of the next generations.

 The sustainable energy revolution has the amazing effect of literally decentralising power, roof top solar for example allows people to farm and share energy taking the power away from inefficient power plant to user distribution systems. This shared energy matrix resembles democratic and intelligent energy geometry but its attempts to form are being opposed by the companies that have profited so much from centralised and dirty energy sector.

The powerful mining lobby pull the strings on government policy and need to be reigned in so the shared energy sustainable revolution can take effect.  When considering sustainable energy it comes to mind that we would do well to surrender to the forces of nature, a much needed humbling of humanity and acceptance that we are part of something much bigger. In a way nuclear power could be seen as a way to try and compete with the sun, we don’t need to dangerously recreate a sun in our nuclear reactors we need to build the relevant shared infrastructure and soak it up. Wind power also comes from solar energy, which sculpts wind patterns across the planet, but unfortunately the powerful dirty energy monopoly has spread much misinformation to discredit wind power. Solar, Wind and other sustainable energy with new storage technologies can provide all of our energy needs in the future.


Connect design

This design is about connecting people up from around the world and freeing up the media to enable a clearer picture of what is going on and what is possible. Initially the Internet proved to be very disruptive to the existing broadcast media world where were told what to believe. In a way it represented the rise of the audience, anyone could be a journalist and anyone could help co-create a better world by educating, agitating and organising and disrupting the dominator centralised culture of inequality, destruction and crisis.

As the twenty-teen years marched on the rise of corporate interference with social media lead to the confused state of play where fake news has become such a big issue. Brexit, Trump and Jair Bolsonaro are all disturbing outcomes in the fog of online misinformation.

The universal free mind wants to take shape, like a global brain that wishes to achieve free and sustainable consciousness.

It’s a challenge to keep things on the level and allow this to happen before the powers that be try to control the Internet and turn it into a tool of mass surveillance and misinformation.


 Speaker design

This design is about the power of sound, the desire for us to exist in a sound system, sound effects us in profound ways that are still being understood. Sound and music can motivate and inspire and spread waves of freedom. It can also be mind numbing and terrible.

Music has been a big part of revolutionary culture capturing the spirit of the times and channelling it. From fifties beat to sixties psychedelic to seventies punk to eighties rave music and its associated culture has had a big effect.

The Rave/electronic dance music movement has had a profound effect of bringing people together from different backgrounds. From its inception in the late 80’s to the present day the EDM movement continues to inspire community and progressive ideals more so when the event is put on beyond the commercial profit motivated ways.



Revolution design 

Various people powered movements pushing for global revolution have inspired this mandala design. Movements that oppose corporations and governments who put profit and power for the few above the well being of the whole and the future. People power revolution needs to be energised and put into action if we are to escape the current highway to a toxic and war ravaged planet.

We need to up the anti and really push in any way we can to make this happen and to rally against the decaying mainstream political slide towards right wing fascism. The hangover from the male dominated exploitation and blood-thirsty destruction of the planet and people to secure privilege for the few is very much with us as big business puts up a smokescreen of disinformation so it can continue to destroy society and ecosystems for profit. 

Mainstream media and advertising have done their best to cement this unhappy dystopia as being the norm.  But in the fractures between the conformist matrix, a vibrant counter culture exists that is co-organising and agitating and educating/getting educated in future ways of organisation that are contrary to the sad state of affairs within the unsustainable and unhappy dominator culture.

 Sound the alarm, hit the streets and lets co-create the future sustainable and decentralised way to human organisation and relationship to our mother earth.



Ghetto design 

This design was more for the fun of it, inspired by the rise of Graffiti and Street Art. Renegade public art can have a very positive effect in transforming urban areas and making them feel more human thus reducing feelings of urban alienation. Melbourne’s amazing street and stencil art is a big  inspiration. 

7.Love Revolution

Love Revolution design

This design with its simple text adjustment was an idea that's been circulating in progressive thinking circles for a few decades now but has recently been cemented into the mainstream with Russell Brand's 2014 Revolution book published by Random House, I presume he wont try to sue me, it's most probably copyleft, anyway Viva la.."révolution de l'amour"

8. Rave Against The Machine

Rave Against The Machine

Counter cultural movements have been raving against the machine for a while now. Sydney since the party thing expoded in the late 80's has always been at loggerheads with the powers that be trying to shut down our community and culture. The more grassroots sector of the movement has always had to fight for its right to party, not always winning. Recently it has become much worse where coporate forces and bigoted vested interest government policy have tried to shut down any free thinking and non commercial undeground music and art culture. All the profit motivated mainstream system seems to be able to offer us is gambling and expensive and competitive patriarchal environments. The vibe and philosophy of party culture has created amazing diverse communities around the world dedicated to forging a continuing revolving revolution towards a sustainable people powered party future. Time for the global rave against the machine party to be co-created and enacted.

9.Non Bossy Posse

     Non Bossy Posse circa 1992

This was the artwork that originally donned the cover of a cassette only release in 1993, the first album by Non Bossy Posse. The album was created by recording live several shows and then going into the studio and literally with a knife cutting the best bits out of the tape reel and splicing the ends back together. The cuts were at a 45 degree angle so as to get a slight blend in the audio. The band on synths and samplers were unsunk. Fingersynking was the way the band rolled. 

In 1991/92 a community Anarchist Punk collective called Jellyheads were putting on events at their Wellington St, Chippendale space ( Serial space in 2016 ) in inner city Sydney. As electro and hip hop entered the musical equation, musicians associated with the collective started experimenting with samples and electronic sounds. Mahatma Propagandi were doing this and eventually joined members of Fred Nihilists to form the group Non Bossy Posse. 

Non Bossy Posse were the bridge between Punk and Techno in 1993 in Sydney, well at least the politics of punk, maybe not so much the sound of Punk, although definitely some of the chaos. Not all in the Sydney Punk scene agreed, I remember seeing some graffiti in Sydney Park that exclaimed “Kill all Non Bossy Raver Scum”, oh well, you can't please everybody. 

The band dragged kicking and screaming anarchist and anti authoritarian themes into techno music. At best it was unsequenced mayhem, the only rule being the B.P.M. This the band agreed on for the various tracks that focused on themes like indigenous rights, anti capitalism, saving the forests and protecting the earth. Everything else was pretty much random, each player mostly on samplers had a library of loops and sounds at the ready to drop into the mix at any given moment. 

Live gigs could soar to great spontaneous heights but could just as easily descend into clashing beats, sounds and out of control synths. 

This 1993 cult cassette release, 'Saboteurs Of The Big Daddy Mind Fuck' was a share household must have release. After this release NBP's sounds became more sequence based towards the end of their reign as can be heard with their 'Activista' release ( also on the Arythmetek Bandcamp page ) and with the band/record label that followed, Organarchy Sound System. 

Non Bossy Posse were a regular live act at Vibe Tribe and other underground dance events in the early to mid 90's, the band were more prolific with live shows than in the studio.
 You can downlaod to music here https://arythmetek.bandcamp.com/album/saboteurs-of-the-big-daddy-mindfuck

released March 10, 1993

10. The only good system is a sound system

The only good system is a sound system

This design relates to the need for a sound system for us all to share, music and sound system culture has always lent itself to revolution and progress, the vibe of the community sound system and rave can spread out into the wider society. The need for a sustainable sound system is mush needed in these dark days of dytophia. 

11. Blossom

Blossom the dog

This design is the Vectorpunk take on BLOSSOM , affectionately known as Blossie, Bloss Bloss and aka Barbra..(some also say Flossie, but that’s incorrect.) Blossom was born a Shih-Tzu cross Toy Poodle on April fool’s Day in 2006 and handed to Martie Bear for safekeeping and so every being she meets can receive joy from her. She invented the “MOWBACK” which is her cool haircut that does just that and more.. Not only does it keep her looking cool, it also keeps her from overheating and allows her tummy to cool off on tiles. Essentially you just mow it back…carefully. It also allows you to see ticks or fleas on her tummy easier, but she does not carry too many. After a bath and hair dry a good shake is all it takes to get a hairstyle that other girls want to die for. Due to popular demand, Blossie has her Tee on sale through Vectorpunk who made it well. Really, this Tee shirt is representing pure innocent love and thorough trust in your master. Blossie’s wool has been kept after every cut and brush and was used in a pillow that her Grandad went to rest on.. Enjoy this fine product. Bears

Stay tuned for new designs soon. 

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